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Sanlida Archery becomes the exclusive dealer of Doinker Archery in China Market!

We are happy to announce our partnership for 2019 with Sanlida Archery of China! Sanlida Archery will be the Exclusive Distributor of Doinker Archery Products in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan starting immediately. Sanlida Archery is one of the fastest growing, top archery manufactures and distributor for all archery products in China. The Sanlida Archery group is doing everything they can to grow all forms archery in their region, by creating a world class Professional Chinese Archery Team, producing HUGE archery events and helping manage sales and distribution of archery products to their over 300 dealers/Pro Shops. We look forward to our new partnership and being a part of this ever growing market!

For Sales Contact info email: info@sanlidaarchery.com or just PM Doinker here on FaceBook and we will put you in contact with the Sanlida Sales Person in your region.

From now on, all Doinker Dealers in China, Hong Kong & Taiwan will conduct Doinker Business direct with Sanlida Archery. If you are a Doinker Dealer in any of these regions and have an order in place with us already, we will continue to process the order as normal, all new orders will be processed through Sanlida Archery Direct from now on.

Looks like I will be going to China a few times a year from now on to attend archery events with our new Chinese Partner...Sanlida Archery! This partnership has been in the works for the past few years and it just came to a point where it made sense. Sanlida will not only be distributing our products in these areas but they will also help promote our brands in advertising, events and help us legally combat against all the Chinese companies that are nocking off our Doinker Designs. I have been to china a few times and always loved it, I look forward to attending archery events multiple times a year there and showing the archers there all that Doinker has to offer them.