About Us

About Jandao...
    SANLIDA company, the world¡¯s largest archery development and manufacturing base, providing professional manufacture and processing services for the global market.
    SANLIDA company, the Chinese largest provider of archery equipment, become the only archery industry listed company in China, has the capacity to service the expandable global market.
Company Profile
    Company Area£º4000 sq.m.
    Employees(Domestic)£º490£¨contain 10 engineers£©.
    Employees(Overseas)£º2 engineers
    IPO Time£ºNovember 2014
Main Products & Annual Capacity Scheme
    High-End Recurve Crossbows£º30000 pcs
    High-End Compound Crossbows£º90000 pcs
    Beginner Recurve Bows£º120000 pcs
    Long Bows£º50000 pcs
    One-Piece Hunting Bows£º50000 pcs
    Alloy Take-Down Hunting Bows£º60000 pcs
    Alloy Beginner Competition Bows£º100000 pcs
    Competition Recurve Bows£º20000 pcs
    Target Compound Bows£º100000 pcs
    3D Target Compound Bows£º100000 pcs
    Hunting Compound Bows£º100000 pcs
    The scheme listed above will complete gradually within 3 years.
Production Line Intro
    Competition Bow Limbs Production Line.
    Compound Bow Limbs Production Line.
    Compound Crossbow Limbs Production Line.
    Recurve Crossbow Limbs Production Line.
    Beginner Recurve Bow Limbs Production Line.
    Beginner Recurve Bow Risers Production Line.
    Long Bows Production Line.
    One-Piece Bows Production Line.
    CNC Processing Center£º High-End Crossbow.
               High-End Compound Bow Riser
               High-End Competition Bow Riser
    Painting Production Line.
    Water Transfer Printing Production Line.
    String Wrapping Production Line.
    Fletching Production Line.
    Final Assembly Production Line.
Plans To Add
    Anodizing Production Line.
Headquarter Office